Are you facing Australian student visa refusal? You have options!

Let’s talk about the most common Australian student visa refusal factors:


Your GTE statement does not provide evidence that you have strong ties to your home country. You did not demonstrate a clear reason to return to your home country post-study.


You have not indicated how your selected courses will drastically improve your future. The monetary investment of your studies in Australia is higher than the perceived value of your courses.


Your GTE Statement did not indicate detailed information like course enrollment, career opportunities, or funds to sustain your studies. The information provided was general and not substantial.


You do not possess any land, property, or strong economic ties to your home country. It is perceived that your current monetary commitment in your home country does not exhibit enough incentive to return.

After your first Australian student visa refusal, you have a 40% lower chance of acceptance when re-applying. What can you do next?

Discover your options:


You have a limited time to re- apply for your Australian student visa. You can continue to re- apply, as long as your Education Provider has not cancelled your COE.


If your COE is cancelled, you cannot re-apply right away. You must first find another Education Provider in order to re-apply for an Australian student visa.


You can apply for an Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) if you did not make the common visa mistakes listed above. This appeal process can last up to one year. (Onshore students)

Re-applying for your Australian student visa will cost you approximately $629 in visa fees and $250 in enrollment fees. Do not waste your money –  seek professional help.

How to GUARANTEE your acceptance:


If you are serious about Australian student visa acceptance, this is the option for you. We manage your enrollment, GTE Statement, and visa application for maximum effect and acceptance.

Appeal Letter Service

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