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Are you worried about your GTE Statement? Trust the GTE Experts! Submit your current GTE Statement to be proofread and edited to the highest standard and increase your acceptance rate by 99%. Don’t risk Australian Student Visa refusal, submit your GTE Statement for our professional proofreading service today.


Are you afraid of an Australian Student Visa refusal?
Are you looking for somebody trustworthy to proofread your GTE statement?
Do you want to increase your visa approval chance up to 100%?

You only need to spare 2 minutes of your time to read the information below; this will save you a visa and at least 630 AUD (Visa fee) and make you more educated!

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Okay, so, let’s go straight to the business!

You will need to use the GTE statement for two things:
1. University admissions
2. Visa application

Every university in Australia requires an SOP/GTE statement, and some of them are stricter about it than usual. Every GTE/SOP must have adequate information and details to show your ambition and intent for studying in Australia. Those who are 25 years old or younger don’t face any significant issues with the admissions, and even the internet-provided templates are accepted. But people older than 25 might face problems that can be solved by reading our article on writing SOP. However, you can read our article about writing SOP, and we bet 99% of you will be fine with getting a letter of offer. The “fun part” begins when you apply for a visa.

GTE statement application for an Australian student Visa plays a crucial role. The case officer from DOHA requires the GTE statement to be detailed, and you need to cover all requirements from the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement page.

It seems like a hell of a lot, right? Guess what?

Over 50,000 international students do not read the requirements and fail to get a visa in Australia. Yes, you heard right, over 50,000 visa refusals from all around the world. Most of them used generic templates with almost zero personal information. You can check the statistics here.

Never heard of this information?

Nobody cares about those who failed, even if it’s 50,000 students. They paid visa administration fees and etc. Business is business, right?

Not with us! Because we care.

Our goal is to minimise student visa refusal numbers at least by at least 1% each year.

Why do you need to trust us?

GTE EXPERTS has been helping international students from all around the world since 2010. Our founder Arturas Mickus specialises in visa refusals and AAT cases. Together with his team, he managed to help over 3300 students. His expertise and knowledge are due to his extensive experience working with the most prominent Australian Immigration Agencies; that’s why our success rate is so high.

What is included in this service?

  • 1-2 hours deep analysis of your GTE statement along with Resume/CV
  • 1 hour for leaving notes and editing your GTE to perfection
  • 1 hour for answering your questions and offering actionable advice on the visa application

It is quite clear that we offer adequate time for your application and possess the expertise to offer accurate results. Now you must be thinking, are we overpriced?

The answer is No. Do you know an average student in Australia earns a minimum of $500 for 20 hours of unskilled work? Considering that, we made our services as affordable as possible, keeping the highest quality in mind. Trust us; hiring us will be the best decision to get a smooth visa approval process in Australia!

We promise this will be a partnership that you will rave about with your friends.


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