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The AAT Australian Student Visa Appeal Service is a specialised service dedicated to assisting international students who have had their Australian student visas refused or cancelled. Recognising the importance of education and the dream many students hold to study in Australia, our team of legal experts is committed to providing comprehensive assistance throughout the appeal process.



Key Features:

1. Expert Consultation: Engage with our experienced immigration lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the Australian student visa process and the intricacies of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

2. Case Review: A thorough analysis of your visa refusal or cancellation notice to understand the grounds of the decision and strategise the best course of action.

3. Documentation Assistance: Guidance on gathering the necessary documents and evidence to support your appeal, ensuring that all paperwork is complete and in order.

4. Representation at AAT: Our team will represent you at the AAT hearings, presenting your case in the most effective manner and advocating on your behalf.

5. Continuous Support: From the moment you engage with us till the final decision on your appeal, we stand by you, offering timely updates and answering any queries you may have.

6. Post-Appeal Services: In the event of a positive outcome, we assist with the next steps of visa processing. If the appeal is unsuccessful, we offer guidance on alternative pathways or further legal recourse.


– Increase your chances of a successful appeal with professional representation.
– Save time and reduce stress by entrusting your case to experts who understand the AAT appeal process inside out.
– Receive personalised service tailored to your unique circumstances.

In order to achieve such high success rates, we spend an average 40 hours of time on your case:

* 1-2h analysing your visa refusal letter and GTE statement
* 1-2h analysing your personal information supplied via our questionnaire
* 1-2h drawing best strategy based on visa refusal difficulty
* 10-12h writing an Appeal Letter and polishing it to perfection
* 1-2h applying for a visa on your behalf.
* 1-2h checking final documents
* 1-2h preparing for a hearing with a case officer (if needed).

Most popular Q&A:

Q. Can I apply for an Australian student visa after refusal?
A. Yes, you have all rights to apply to write an appeal for AAT.

Q. What are the chances of getting an Australian student visa after refusal?
A. Our success rate is over 99% and we offer money-back if your visa will remain refused after the AAT appeal.

Q. How long AAT will take to review the appeal application?
A. It takes up to 2 years to get your appeal reviewed, however, you will remain in Australia on a bridging visa until the decision will be made.

Q. Can I walk in for a consultation?
A. Due to COVID-19 we do not offer onsite consultations. However, we are serving our customers online via email or on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram.

Q. Your service is a 100% match of my needs. However, I have a lack of trust to purchase online services?
A. First, for your security we have an SLL security certificate installed, same as Amazon, Commbank and other biggest online providers. A little lock sign next to our website name shows that your data is secured. We are completely transparent and you can find our business name and ABN at the bottom of every page – you are secured by strict Australian law. We also encourage our clients to use PayPal as a merchant to obtain our service. Dispute resolution and Purchase protection is great tool to increase your security even more.

Q. What will happen after I will pay a service fee?
A. – One of our consultants will get in touch with you in the first 24hours.
– We will ask you to send us a visa refusal letter together with a current GTE statement.
– After deep analysis, we will help you to write a genuine appeal letter. 3-4 days.
– We will help you to prepare for a hearing after the appointment date will be set.
– Enjoy studying in Australia.

What does the AAT need to decide?

The AAT needs to decide whether you genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia. The AAT must be satisfied if there is a genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia by considering:
– your circumstances
– your immigration history
– any other relevant matter.

How does the AAT decide?

The AAT will look at:
• your circumstances in your home country
• your potential circumstances in Australia
• the value of the course to your future
• your immigration history
• any other relevant matters.

We 100% believe in our service. The success rate is over 99% so there is almost no risk for you.


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