After reviewing our in-depth analysis of your Australian student visa refusal, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the reasons behind your visa denial, discover actionable steps for moving forward, and learn about your realistic prospects for visa recovery.

Did you know: your chances of getting an accepted student visa is up 40% lower after your first refusal?

The most common Australian Student Visa refusal reason is a poorly written GTE Statement. Fortunately, our team of GTE Experts has over 12 years of experience writing professional GTE Statements and visa applications with a 99.9% approval rate.

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What is the process for Visa Refusal Assessment?

  1. Attach and submit your visa refusal letter and current GTE/SOP Statement
  2. Our experts complete a full assessment of your documents
  3. We deliver your real chances for acceptance within 48 hours
  4. 100% free of charge!

Our team has passion and experience for fixing visa refusal cases just like yours. There are no hidden fees or risks to submit your visa application to GTE Experts. Simply fill out the application below to find out your chances right away.


Maximum file size: 16.78MB

Maximum file size: 16.78MB