GTE Statement writing

Common Statement of Purpose Mistakes

Before applying for an Australian Student Visa, it is important to understand the necessary requirements. One of the most difficult visa requirements is a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or similarly, a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement. Both of these statements are written documents that share your intent to study in Australia with a government case […]

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GTE Statement writing

Statement of Purpose Mistakes – Australia

If you’re having trouble writing your Statement of Purpose, you’re not alone. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement are required written documents that need to be submitted with your Australian Student Visa application. With the status of your Australian Student Visa relying heavily on a properly written Statement of Purpose, […]

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GTE Statement writing

Why Your Australian Student Visa was Refused

In many cases, potential students choose to write their Statement of Purpose without first referencing helpful articles like this one. There are many factors to consider when it comes to writing a proper Statement of Purpose and too often we see students make careless common SOP mistakes. The majority of students who have their Australian […]

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Most Common GTE Statement Mistakes

Writing your GTE Statement is an important and time consuming step in acquiring an approved Australian Student Visa. As an approved Australian Student Visa relies heavily on an articulate and professionally written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement (GTE), many potential students face rejection when their GTE statement does not include the necessary information. David from Austria […]

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Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Requirements

To be granted an accepted Australian Student Visa, there are rigorous Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement requirements that every potential student must meet. Writing a proper GTE Statement can be stressful and submitting your Australian Student Visa application is costly. One mistake cost Martin from Germany $1,000 AUD and a rejected Australian Student Visa. Like Martin, […]

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