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Are you having trouble writing your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement? The GTE requirement is an in depth declaration you need to write in order to have the chance to study in Australia. You can choose to write your own Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement, however there is an easier option. You can outsource your GTE Requirement to our expert team of writers for a 100% Australian Student Visa Guarantee. If a sure bet sounds good to you, click here to learn more. Nonetheless, if you still plan to write your GTE Statement yourself, read these common GTE Requirement mistakes first!

This Week’s Most Common GTE Requirement Mistakes:

“You plan to return to Europe, “probably to your home country of Turkey”.”

A major part of the GTE requirement is to prove your intentions of returning to your home country. In our latest GTE Statement example, you will see this potential student missed the mark. She wrote that she plans to “probably” return to her home country. As you can see, this is not a definitive declaration and your case officer will likely refuse your Australian Student Visa. Instead, we suggest writing with confidence. Clearly list the reasons why you will return to your home country after studying in Australia.

“You may have family ties to Turkey in the form of your immediate family, however it has not been provided and it has been noted that you currently residing in Greece.”

Another mistake that this potential student made was not providing adequate family documentation. This student did not provide proof that her immediate family lived in Turkey. Because the student currently lived in Greece, this statement proves that family ties are not important. Unfortunately, indecisive GTE statement writing and the lack of details provided left this student with a refused student visa. To avoid visa refusal, we recommend you provide ample documentation and close family ties throughout your GTE requirement.

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