Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Requirements

An improperly written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement is one of the key reasons why students face a refused Australian Student Visa. If you read our most recent GTE Example blog, you saw that Simone from Germany submitted her Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement only to face a refused Australian Student Visa letter weeks later. Why did Simone’s GTE Statement get refused? We’ll share with you the two common GTE Statement mistakes Simone made:

“I have considered your circumstances in your home country with regards to how your studies in Australia may benefit your future career prospects. Your statement provides only general information. You state that you believe your selected courses Certificate III and IV in Dancing as you want to “update and develop your skills” and expand how to effectively manage small business operations. As you stated these studies will be very useful to further your career in Europe, especially as a dance school manager.”

Simone failed to provide proper details on how studying in Australia would greater benefit her skillset and future career. Using blanket statements like “update and develop your skills” is one of the most common GTE Statement mistakes you can make while crafting your GTE Statement. Always research your specific courses and provide in depth examples to convince your reviewing officer and avoid a refused Australian Student Visa.

“You have also not adequately explained the relevance of your course of study to your academic or employment background. Given your academic and career history is in the dance field, there appears to be no benefit you would gain from courses at vocational level in Australia, in comparison to your mentioned current Dance business and dancing experience as a teacher, you claim to have.”

Simone claimed in her Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement to have years experience as a dance teacher and owner of a small dance business. However, she failed to convince the reviewing officer why additional vocational studies would advance her current career trajectory. Because it was perceived that Simone was already operating at a successful business level, she was faced with a refused Australian Student Visa letter while losing valuable time and money. Although it is smart to highlight career relevant work in your GTE Statement, avoid making the common GTE Statement mistakes of embellishing or exaggerating on your past or current field experience.

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