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Are you looking for a GTE/SOP statement sample?

Dear Student,

Have you been Googling "gte statement sample Australia" recently? Is your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement is too redundant and stopping you from obtaining your visa? Are you looking for someone that can provide you with a sample of GTE Statement which summarises whether you are an appropriate candidate of a student visa or not?

Your GTE/SOP must provide enough information and details necessary to prove your intent to study in Australia. Unfortunately, over 25 000 students are refused annually for an Australian student visa, often due to simple errors that they copied over from online GTE statement templates.

Do you still believe that templates used over 4 million times are a good idea?


We Have Been Developing GTE/SOP's For Over 7 Years

The problem with following some online template is that you end up submitting something that everyone else is submitting. Even if you do change some of the wording, you're basically expressing the same idea, which means there's nothing there to make your GTE/SOP statement stand out.

GTE EXPERTS has experience in drafting GTE/SOP's for over 7 years. The experienced and skilled team of our writers provides you with the valuable content that meets government's requirements and avails your success in securing a student visa to study in Australia.

Over the years, we have been writing the personalised GTE statements as per the requirements of esteemed clients. 99.9% of our prestigious clients have been granted a visa successfully.

And guess what?

We have come up with a special facility of providing Premium Statement Sample that will ease your work. This Premium Statement Sample includes relevant guiding notes that help you to analyse what GTE is and what should be written in it. You just need to know how to use the mouse and keyboard and there you go creating your GTE with the special features of Premium GTE statement Sample.

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What's so special about this Premium Statement Sample?

Supplementary Notes

Each sample comes with guiding notes to help you craft a personalized SOP/GTE

Recently updated

We always keep the pulse on the lates migration trends and adjust our statements accordingly

Limited availability

We change our template samples every 50 downloads so there's no chance of submitting the exact same GTE statement


This sample statement will suit college or university student

Made to fit

Written to fit any course description

You save over $ 200

Our custom made GTE/SOP statement cost $399

Native speaker

Written by the native speaker

Ready to use

Download instantly. No need to wait

Download one page for FREE today!

No hidden things.No credit cards.No bull$hit


We all know that nothing in this world is free, right ? Especially premium things that can help you to save thousands of dollars and time you already invested in studying in Australia.

Premium GTE/SOP statement sample


Personalise according to your need

Guiding Notes

Recently updated

Limited availability


Native speaker written

Ready to use

No skills required, you only need to know how to use the mouse and keyboard.

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What clients says about us

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job".

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