The journey to obtain an Australian student visa begins with writing an SOP statement. If you are reading this email, you already had some hard time filling up the requirements and looking for side help. However, enrolment procedures aren’t looking so simple as you dig deeper. Writing SOP is the easiest part of the whole enrolment and visa process.

Down below, you will find short instructions on what steps are waiting for you in order to be enrolled and get that Australian student visa:

  1. Submit application form and SOP. Along with your college/university application form and SOP, send your English test results and other supporting documents like sponsor letter, bank statement and etc. Many of our customers recommend using our GTE/SOP template. Please check individually admissions requirements.
  2. Scholarship. Most of the education providers have scholarships. Ask if you are eligible for the one and save 5 -25%. Our clients saved at least $5000 by choosing to work with us.
  3. Letter of the offer. If you have satisfied all the requirements, you will receive a letter of offer stating your course details and the amount of scholarship you will receive, followed by the commencement date and terms and conditions.
  4. Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). As soon as you pay study fees, you will receive COE with a code you can apply for a student visa.
  5. GTE Statement. A genuine Temporary Entrant statement, I would say, is more like a ticket to your Australian visa success. Unfortunately, some of the students confuse it with an SOP. That’s why some of the countries have a refusal rate of over 40%, according to the Economic Times. Suppose you are planning to submit a 1-3 pages long GTE statement, and you are from Asia, Africa, or South America. In that case, you are probably likely to fail, because the migration officer requires a detailed statement. We recommend you to use our premium GTE statement sample to minimize the risk of failing or use our custom-made Professional GTE statement service.
  6. Visa application. When you are done with your GTE statement, you can feel free to apply for an Australian student visa. Put your attention to the maximum as failure to fill up the application form in the right manner can cost you a visa. Check what documents you need to submit.
    You will also need to purchase OSHC – overseas student health cover health insurance policy. You can pick any of the insurance providers. However, if you are the one who gets ill at least a few times a year, you better invest in the quality insurance providers like Allianz. From our client experience, they have a broader network of doctors, and they refund more, so even if you experience a small accident, you will be greater than average.
  7. Health check and interview. After you apply for a visa, you get a HAP ID number, so you can go and check your health. If you have lung diseases like tuberculosis, it is better to consult with us before visa application. Your visa will likely be refused on a health basis. If you are from Asia or Africa, you might have a call from the case officer. You will be asked some tricky questions about your studies and motives to study the course. You can download the most commonly asked questions cheat-sheet from our website.
  8. Visa grant. Congrats. You are good to go. You can enter the country from the moment you receive a visa grant notice.

As you may notice education agent could help you in so many ways: help get a scholarship, write a compelling GTE statement and help you to apply for a student visa, and check if you supplied documents in the right format. Experts like we can help you to feel more confident moving towards your dreams. Check how we can help you (click here)

2 comments on “Australian student visa application process explained

  1. Hello, my daughter has an existing Student Visa sub class 500 issued in March 2019 – March 2022 as per her CoE for 3 years Degree program. Unfortunately she requires a further 12 months to complete her degree in 2022.
    Can you send me the process for applying for an extension of her Student Visa for another 12 months.
    I understand she will need to apply with a new CoE for 2022 and renew her current OSHC with Alliance Insurance – is there any further requirements and does she she apply for the same sun class 500 Visa?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Nuni,
      Thank you for such a great question.
      First of all, an Australian student visa extension is the same process as a new visa extension. You not only need to provide OSHC, COE, Passport and other relevant documents, you need also to write a new GTE statement explaining why you need a student visa extension. Some of the applicants get visa refusal due to generic meaning GTE and some are so relaxed in Australia, they even do not bother to write up full answers. Our advice is to take each visa application seriously no matter where you are.
      Feel free to leave further questions.


      GTE Experts team

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