How to Avoid Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Refusal – Failed GTE Statement Example from Russia

Studying in Australia is a dream shared by thousands of international students each year. With world class education, Australia’s competitive visa program refuses over 25,000 yearly applicants due to a poorly written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement (GTE). Submitting your GTE Statement right the first time is crucial, as acceptance rates of Australian Student Visas decrease dramatically after your first GTE Statement refusal. Students who choose to write their GTE Statement without help from companies like GTE Experts have the highest rate of government refusal. Below is a Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement example written by Anastasyia from Russia that has been rejected:

““I enroll in the following course to learn English properly in order to pass IELTS English test which is needed to start my studies in University. After studies in Australia, I would like to study at Oxford Brooks University which one of the entry requirements is IELTS exam and I need to get 6.5 from all the bands. Living and working in the UK I had a great chance to improve communication skills, but as you might be aware IELTS exam consists of the 4 different parts: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Living in native English country my speaking and reading skills have increased tremendously but I have still issues with writing especially spelling. The other thing I would like to improve is essay and letter writing. During the studies in secondary school I have studied how to write an essay in mother language but it’s completely different format of how it required in IELTS exam. What is more, I will need to learn from scratch how to write formal and personal letters, this will not only be useful for the English exam, but it will help to improve my communication skills at work and the university.””

Anastasyia from Russia lost the chance to study in Australia and forfeited a costly visa fee due to a few simple mistakes found throughout her GTE Statement. How can you avoid Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement refusal? If you are serious about your education, we strongly encourage you and all international students to seek professional GTE Statement writing services. As a team of GTE Experts with a 99% GTE approval rate, we will make sure your GTE Statement is submitted right the first time. With a 100% refund guarantee, don’t let one mistake cost you your visa and dream.

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