How to Avoid Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Refusal

Studying in Australia is a dream shared by thousands of international students each year. With world class education, Australia’s competitive visa program refuses over 25,000 yearly applicants due to a poorly written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement (GTE). Submitting your GTE Statement right the first time is crucial, as acceptance rates of Australian Student Visas decrease dramatically after your first GTE Statement refusal. Students who choose to write their GTE Statement without help from companies like GTE Experts have the highest rate of government refusal. Below is a Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement example written by Erna from Lithuania that has been rejected:

“I am writing in regard to visa application process. I am applying for a student visa since I am willing to come to study to your country and return to my home country after completing courses necessary for my qualification.

My main goal is to improve my knowledge and skills in fitness and get a degree so I can become a personal trainer. Since the young age I was into this field of interest and spending my spare time in a gym or group activities. It is my hobby and passion. And at this time of my life I have decided to change my career path and do what I really I am passionate about. That is why I have chosen to get Certificate III in Fitness following with Certificate IV in Fitness.

These courses will provide knowledge and specialist skills to work in Fitness industry in various businesses. Moreover, the nature of courses also will provide skills to work in international environment and speak better English language. For me personally it is very important, because of an idea to become a competitive personal trainer in the future not only locally in my hometown, but also in the whole country and internationally, working both in a local businesses and online through various social media channels.”

Emma from Lithuania lost the chance to study in Australia and forfeited a costly visa fee due to a few simple mistakes found throughout her GTE Statement. How can you avoid Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement refusal? If you are serious about your education, we strongly encourage you and all international students to seek professional GTE Statement writing services. As a team of GTE Experts with a 99% GTE approval rate, we will make sure your GTE Statement is submitted right the first time. With a 100% refund guarantee, don’t let one mistake cost you your visa and dream.

Did you find this Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement example helpful? GTE Experts helps thousands of students each year obtain an Australian Student Visa. Contact us today to guarantee your Visa!

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  • Lindizulu Odillo Mahlaba
    27/11/2023 11:59

    G.T.E Writing service

  • Jomianus Jolemal
    22/01/2024 19:50

    My name is Jomianus Jolemal. I am an international student at Charles Darwin University in Darwin. My student visa got rejected two times and now I am really stressed about it. So please help me in this case. Thank you!

  • Geena Chematia
    05/02/2024 19:25

    Hi my name is Geena. Am an international student My visa got rejected because of man unable proof that I intend to stay in Australia temporarily
    Please help
    Thank you

  • Lovely mae tiongco
    16/02/2024 03:28

    Hi im lovely mae tiongco i got a refusal about my enrollment can you please help me i got a GTE refusal.


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