How to choose overseas student health cover provider (OSHC)

OSHC – overseas student health cover is one of the smart decisions you need to make while applying for a student visa in Australia.

There are 6 OSHC providers (Allianz, NIB, AHM, Bupa, Medibank, CBHS). They all provide the same kind of service – health cover.

However, a few things are essential:

  • Network of providers.
  • Refund policy.

These companies offer quite the same service, and from the first look, you can only see the difference in logos and prices.

And the price always matters, right?

oshc australian student visa health insuranceOSHC Australian student visa health insuranceHowever, working closely with our clients for over ten years, we learned the biggest difference.

1. When you have an accident or get sick, you want to reach your doctor quickly. However, there is no time to think about where you should go when you are in pain, and you rush to the closest hospital or doctor. This is where the difference between all OSHC providers shows off. Some cheap insurance companies have only a few agreements with medical organizations. However, more expensive have a broader network to be more convenient for you in an emergency.

2. When you apply to claim medical expenses, not all OSHC providers will be willing to give you a full cover…this is how some businesses make profits. You probably know that Australia is quite an expensive country, right? The average GP checkup will cost you 60-120 AUD. Blood and other tests will cost at least 50 AUD each…If you need surgery, it will cost you thousands.

There are 2 OSHC providers whose clients had the best experience: ALLIANZ and BUPA. We recommend ALLIANZ as they have been the best at returning the claim and their network is wider at least a few times than Bupa. They have the widest network in Australia of doctors. Yes, they were a bit more expensive. However, one accident can change your entire financial situation. GTE Experts are here to advise you to make smart decisions.

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