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In last weeks Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Example blog, we discussed the importance of researching your course options before applying for an Australian Student Visa. If you read last weeks example, you know proposing to study any courses that are available online will result in your GTE Statement not meeting Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement requirements. Unfortunately, the availability of online courses is not the only hurdle potential students face while applying for an Australian Student Visa. Emily spent weeks researching courses in Australia and her reviewing officer denied her visa. Take a look at this Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Example: “In regards to the reasons provided for choosing to study in Australia, I acknowledge that the course available and which you have chosen to study may not be available in your home country and that this has influenced you to look abroad for pursuing further studies.”

Despite fact that Emily’s proposed courses were not available online, she was still faced with a denied Australian Student Visa. Here is why Emily’s Australian Student Visa was denied:

“Furthermore, I am not satisfied that you are not able to pursue similar courses in another country closer to home and which would likely be more financially viable in line with your intended business outcome.”

Emily made one of the most common GTE Statement mistakes by not proving that Australia was the only place to receive the level of education required to advance her future career. The reviewing officer noted that there were Colleges, Universities, and Institutes closer to her home country that could offer the same level of education without the financial burden of studying in Australia. Without the help of professional GTE Statement services, Emily found it difficult to navigate the various stipulations and Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement requirements which resulted in a denied student visa.

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  • Can you guys assist me with tips on how I can write a better GTE

    • Hi Raphael,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      We do help to write professional GTE statement and we do this on your behalf. Please follow the link, proceed to the payment, after the fee will be paid, we will require you to fill up easy questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
      Let me know if you have any questions regarding our service.
      – Arturas


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