Let’s talk worst case scenario. After countless weeks of writing and revising, you finally submit your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement for an Australian Student Visa. On a day that was supposed to broaden your future potential, you realize your GTE Statement has been rejected. Submitting a properly written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement can be a long, confusing process which often requires the help of experts to guarantee approval. We will share the most common GTE Statement mistakes while filing for an Australian Student Visa and how to avoid them.

“You have provided limited details in relation to your reasons for wishing to study in Australia.”

Your supporting documents mean nothing without a clear and concise message. Your GTE letter must convince the reviewing officer exactly why you wish to study in Australia. Our GTE Experts recommend providing a proposed course of action to increase your chances of Australian Student Visa acceptance. Having a clear plan outlined in your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement demonstrates a working knowledge of education and a genuine commitment to studying in Australia.

“I find that you have not displayed how the proposed course may be valuable to your future in your home country.”

One of the most important and overlooked steps in writing a Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement is to indicate a desire to bring your acquired skills back to your home country. How will studying at a University, College or Institute with an Australian Student Visa have a greater impact on your future? Consider referencing statistics like the growth rate of your particular industry in your home country. Lastly, list any opportunities waiting for you back home including job openings, current property investments, family ties, increase in wage, etc.
An important consideration while writing your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement for an Australian Student Visa is to keep your statement true and precise. Any false statements or documents in your GTE Statement will dramatically decrease your likelihood of future acceptance. Don’t fall victim to these GTE Statement mistakes!

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