Student visa re-application/recovery service after visa refusal


Welcome to our Australian Student Visa Recovery Service! We’re here to help international students like you who’ve faced the challenges of having your Australian student visa refused or cancelled. We understand how much it means to pursue your education in Australia, and our dedicated team is eager to support you every step of the way as you prepare for your re-application.


What We Offer:

– Friendly Expert Advice: Chat with our visa experts who know everything there is to know about navigating the re-application process for your Australian student visa.

– Detailed Case Review: We’ll dive deep into the reasons behind your visa refusal or cancellation, planning the best way forward together.

– Document Support: Let us guide you in gathering all the right documents and evidence to strengthen your appeal, making sure everything is spotless and ready to go.

– Visa Re-application Preparation: Count on us to get your visa application up to scratch, adhering to all the latest standards and advocating strongly on your behalf.

– Ongoing Encouragement: From our first conversation to the final decision on your visa, we’re with you all the way, keeping you updated and answering any questions you might have.

– Aftercare and More: If your re-application is successful, we’ll help with what comes next. If not, we’re here to discuss alternative paths or further steps you can take.

Why Choose Us?

– Boost Your Chances: With professional help, your re-application has a great shot at success — our current success rate is stellar at over 90%! (highest in the market).

– Save Time & Stress Less: Leave the complex process to us, and feel confident knowing you’re in expert hands.

– Personalised Service: We tailor our support to fit your unique situation like a glove.

Dedicated Time Investment:

We invest an average of 40 hours into each case, ensuring attention to every detail, from analysing refusal letters to preparing for potential interviews and even exploring other country options should the need arise:

* 1-2h analysing your visa refusal letter and GTE/SOP statement
* 1-2h analysing your personal information supplied via our questionnaire
* 1-2h drawing best strategy based on visa refusal difficulty
* 10-12h writing an Appeal Letter and polishing it to perfection
* 1-2h applying for a visa on your behalf.
* 1-2h checking final documents.
* 1-2h preparing for an interview.
* 2-4h hours of guidance on other country options in case of visa refusal and help to apply in other foreign countries.

FAQs Brightened Up:

– Reapplying After Refusal? Absolutely, you can reapply for an Australian student visa from overseas.

– Appealing from Abroad? Direct appeals might not be possible, but a fresh application with a stronger case is your next best step.

– Success Rates? With us, you’re looking at a success rate of over 90%, meaning your chances are bright.

– Consultation Walk-ins? Currently, we’re offering all our services online, ensuring safety and convenience.

– Concerned About Online Services? We prioritise your security with SSL encryption and transparency and encourage using PayPal for added peace of mind.

What Happens After You Join Us?

1. One of our friendly consultants will reach out within 24 hours.
2. We’ll request your visa refusal letter and current GTE statement for a thorough review.
3. Together, we’ll craft a compelling appeal letter and prepare for any hearings.
4. Get ready to embark on your studies in Australia!

Still, want to talk to a human?
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Looks like all is covered; it’s time to move forward, right?

We believe wholeheartedly in our service, and with a success rate of over 90%, we’re confident in significantly increasing your chances of getting a visa granted for you. Ready to turn your Australian study dreams into reality?



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