common SOP mistakes

Australian Student Visa Refusal Letter Example

Are you worrying about receiving an Australian Student Visa refusal letter? To guarantee your Australian student visa, students often seek the help of visa agents. However, Australian visa agents can be expensive and sometimes, that cost is simply too high. Because of these significant costs, you might think the only way to get a student […]

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common SOP mistakes

GTE Requirement Common Mistakes

Are you having trouble writing your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement? The GTE requirement is an in depth declaration you need to write in order to have the chance to study in Australia. You can choose to write your own Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement, however there is an easier option. You can outsource your GTE Requirement […]

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How to write a GTE Statement and Statement of Purpose Writing Tips

GTE Statement Writing Tip #6

Looking for the best GTE Statement writing tips? You’re in luck because you found the right blog! A Genuine Temporary Entrant, or GTE Statement, is a broad version of a Statement of Purpose (SOP). Both documents serve as a written declaration of intent to study in Australia. When you are submitting your Australian Student Visa […]

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Most Common GTE Statement Mistakes

Writing your GTE Statement is an important and time consuming step in acquiring an approved Australian Student Visa. As an approved Australian Student Visa relies heavily on an articulate and professionally written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement (GTE), many potential students face rejection when their GTE statement does not include the necessary information. David from Austria […]

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common SOP mistakes

Failed GTE Statement Example from Austria

Studying in Australia is a dream shared by thousands of international students each year. With world class education, Australia’s competitive visa program refuses over 25,000 yearly applicants due to a poorly written Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement (GTE). Submitting your GTE Statement right the first time is crucial, as acceptance rates of Australian Student Visas decrease […]

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Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Example

In last weeks Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement Example blog, we discussed the importance of researching your course options before applying for an Australian Student Visa. If you read last weeks example, you know proposing to study any courses that are available online will result in your GTE Statement not meeting Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement requirements. […]

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