15 Reasons Why International Students Choose to Study in Australi

Australia is not only an extraordinary place on Earth to explore, but it also offers great programs for academic excellence!
Being the third most popular English-speaking country, it sees thousands of international students each year. If you are looking to go abroad for studies, here are 15 reasons why Australia will be your best option:

  1. Internationally Renowned Universities
    There is a wide range of universities in Australia that students can choose from. Five of them are ranked among the top 50 institutions worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2022). All the universities are known for their academic excellence; therefore, Australian degrees offer a lot of prestige and job-market value.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion
    You will most likely find someone from the same culture as you are because Australia is a culturally diverse country. There are people from all over the world, which makes you feel welcomed and inclusive here. Moreover, you also get to enjoy cuisines from each part of the world and celebrate all the festivities.
  3. Easy Visa Access for Students
    Getting a student visa can be an issue for many international countries. However, Australia offers a streamlined process for it, known as subclass 500. It is important to note that you will need to meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements for a visa application approval. University admission requirements will include a Statement of Purpose(SOP) and you should also have adequate funding to get accepted. To stay in Australia, you will also require Overseas Student Health Cover(OSHC) insurance for which you can consider ‘Allianz’, one of the popular platforms for offering insurance in Australia. Check our “Australian student visa application process explained” article for a student visa application guidance.
  4. Internships
    As a student, you definitely need good internships to kick start your career. The Australian universities offer multiple internship opportunities to students that help them during their academic period.
  5. Work Opportunities
    These universities not only offer internships, but you will get many work opportunities to earn and become financially independent while studying there. Other than universities, there are many other places that offer you job opportunities. After finishing your studies, you can stay on longer to work via Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485).
  6. A Multitude of Majors and Degrees
    Students in Australia get a variety of majors or programs to choose from. There are almost 43 universities in Australia, and each offers a multitude of various degrees and majors. From Medicine to IT, Engineering, English, or Arts, you can choose any option or combination of them to study here.
  7. Communication Friendly
    Going abroad for studying brings many challenges of language and communication. But not in Australia! Since it is an English-speaking country, international students can easily communicate with anyone. As far as slang is concerned, you will learn it gradually.
  8. Affordable
    There are many short programs available that are affordable but offer the same great quality and quantity of education to the students. The living options are also much economical than in most of the countries.
  9. Amazing Beaches
    Australia has some amazing beaches in the world and the perfect weather to make the most out of it. Students can have a great life that doesn’t only include studying but also some recreational activities. There are many sports activities that you can participate in as well.
  10. Quality Assurance
    Australian Government has set up the Australian Quality Assurance Framework, which ensures that each university meets the highest education standards while focusing on rigor and structure.
  11. Lively and Spirited City Life
    The universities are located in great regions that let the students easily travel to famous touristy spots. The city life is quite vibrant and offers many experiences to eat, shop, or explore beautiful architecture. Also, these cities are ranked as the best cities for international students for the quality of life, affordability, and employer activity.
  12. Wonderful Nature
    While talking about the great city life, let’s not forget the incredible natural beauty this country offers. From stunning landscapes to picturesque views, students will never get tired of exploring new places while living there.
  13. Wildlife
    Australia’s wildlife isn’t unknown to anyone. There are many wildlife parks and safaris where you can find a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles to see.
  14. Research
    Australia is the main hub for exceptional research work. The students who are interested in researches and similar majors will get many research opportunities. However, the competition is quite serious for such opportunities, so it requires a lot of hard work.
  15. Support Services
    Most Australian universities offer support services for international students, which helps them solve their everyday issues, no matter how major or simple they are. From counselling services to individual tutoring, students can get many opportunities to adapt skills and enhance their lifestyles.

Wrapping Up
Australia is called “the Land of Oz” because it brings many unique experiences for everyone, including students. The graduates from these Australian universities not only have a great career, but they also get to have the time of their life living in this remarkably beautiful country.

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