Are you worried about your GTE Statement? Trust the GTE Experts! Submit your current GTE Statement to be proofread and edited to the highest standard and increase your acceptance rate by 99%. Don’t risk Australian Student Visa refusal, submit your GTE Statement for our professional proofreading service today.


Are you afraid of an Australian Student Visa refusal? Our professional GTE Statement Proofread Service is exactly what you need! The Australian Immigration Office is very strict in assessing GTE Statements and one wrong word could cause your refusal.
Let the GTE Experts proofread your GTE Statement and provide you with simple suggestions that make sense. You can trust our team of experts who have over 8 years of experience writing GTE Statements at a 99% approval rate.
How does the GTE Statement Proofread Service work?
1. Submit your GTE Statement
2. Download your personal, proofread file which includes:
• Professional comments about your current GTE Statement
• Our best recommendations on what to add or exclude for approval
• Your country’s document checklist
• One example of a successful GTE Statement
In addition, the GTE Experts will also assess your supporting documents, country risk level, current education provider, economic ties, and future career plans. All of these criteria play an important role in your Australian Student Visa acceptance.
If you are ready to improve your chances of Australian Student Visa acceptance, don’t wait. Start the GTE Statement Proofread Service today!

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