Writing a GTE Statement – Tip #10

Are you writing a GTE Statement and don’t know where to start? Over the past 9 weeks, we have shared our expert tips on writing a GTE Statement that will set you on the path towards Australian student visa approval. This week, we share our last tip! If you’ve missed tips 1-9 visit the previous tip here.

Although we share some great tips on our blog, the only way to guarantee your Australian Student Visa is our GTE Statement service. We encourage anyone writing a GTE Statement to instead get a professional GTE Statement written to save time and money.

If you still plan on writing a GTE Statement yourself, it’s important to know what a Genuine Temporary Entrant actually is. A GTE Statement is a written document that is required to be submitted alongside your Australian Student Visa application. It tells your case officer important things like why you want to study in Australia, how you plan to support your living costs, and when you will return to your home country. Because writing a GTE Statement can make or break your student visa, it is very important you learn these 10 GTE Statement tricks!

#10. Apply for courses in the same industry as your previous studies.

While writing a GTE Statement, you have to convince your case officer you are serious about studying in Australia. Make sure the courses you are applying for are within the same industry as courses you have previously studied. By doing this, it shows your case officer that you are serious about obtaining a career in said industry.

Although you have studied similar industry courses before, there is always room to further your education! Are you applying for courses that are more advanced than your previous courses? Does Australia offer continuing education in your industry that your home country does not? These are all important things to include while writing a GTE Statement.

Our biggest piece of advice would be to find a career path and stick to it. Case officers appreciate students that have a clear vision of their future. If you include this tip while writing a GTE Statement, your chances of acceptance will increase.

Did you find this GTE Statement writing trick helpful? You are now one step closer to writing a GTE Statement with ease! Visit all 10 of our writing a GTE Statement tips found throughout our expert blog.

Finally, if you are looking to guarantee your Australian Student Visa, we highly recommend you have your SOP / GTE Statement written by professionals like us. Click here to learn how you can minimize your visa refusal risk without wasting time and money.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your future, contact us for an expertly written GTE Statement. GTE Experts has a 99% approval rate; a safe bet for your future.

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